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Sonara Krix

Sonara Krix, Pansy, 2016, archival inkjet print, 60 x 60 cm.

In the house of half drawn curtains whispers a heavyset vanity. Ones footsteps are muffled by the carpet of dust, now stirred by cautious footsteps; their tendrils unfurling in the amber light.

A loving wipe away reveals warm, solid wood; that vanity with its drawers silenced by thready spider webs.

Ah this drawer is filled with soft thistledown yawning from the disturbance. As for this one, oh! It’s a drawer of old tarnished treasures, trapped in the thorny embrace of dead insects; they dare anyone to pry apart their appendages.

Shut the drawers again, gently now. One looks up pining for a face to call one’s own; alas not even a cracked mirror remains to answer the call.


Sonara's work attempts to invoke a sense of personal significance, affect and memories through installation. Sonara explores the notions of loss and intergenerational trauma through the fragility and history of both organic and human made objects. The tension between wanting to embrace the warm memories of the past, despite the painful connotations of its lost, reflects her urge to memorialise the remnants of loved ones now lost.

By: Lau Kai Yang

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