Sonara Krix

Fall Out – A Frame Tale of the Forgotten #3 is a video work that explores the affect of absence and presence. I have taken the narrative of my mother’s passing, and transcended it into visual thought. The created space metaphorically elutes to the threshold between life and death. Giving rise to emotional presence felt through absence, allowing for affect to work in a reflective form beyond representation. I invite the viewer to ponder their own sense of mortality. The slow motion evokes a haunting stillness amongst the inner chaos. This creates a space for questioning the spatio-temporal rational in direct connections between object and subject, and how they can become immanent to matter. Perhaps the presence of affect is evoked in the echoes of memory if we allow ourselves to not only see, but to feel.

Video stills: A Frame Tale of the Forgotten #3, 2017, video, 00:03:51

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