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Sonara Krix

Personify - is an installation piece in response to a site-specific space.

In this work psychological trauma and the resulting emotional damage is represented.

'Personify' explores the complex nature of trauma and the physiological space it occupies within the family home. The dual threads of both past and present when pulled converge at a single point, confusing the lines of reality, revealing the cyclical relationship between childhood memories and adult reasoning.

The artist has responded to post-generational precipitates and their effects still felt on current generations. By creating a space for the folders that hold information relating to her father's perceived abandonment, the artist has honored his and his mother's memory. The letter by his mother pleading the authorities for the return of her children echoes throughout the room, revealing the unknown truth.

He was wanted.

Video stills: Personify, 2015, video, 00:03:34

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still 2
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